How a college student can get Food Stamps in Florida part # 2

Welcome back,

Today we will be continuing this journey we started in trying to help college students. If you have any questions we are here for you. Please ask us and give us feedback

6.  Self employment work with an average of total 80 hr per month and receiving payment for this work. It does not matter what self employment it is.

7. Participating in a state or federal financed work study program during the regular school term.

8. Participation in a on the job training program.  Only applies when the employer is training the person.

9. Responsible for taking care of a member in the case under the age of 6

10. Single parent enrolled full time is school and is taking care of a child 12 years or younger.

11. Receiving Cash assistance.

12. Enrolled in school because participating in the JOBS program or its successor program.

13. Former foster child in the Road to Independence program

14. Assigned or placed In a institution of higher learning through the Job training partnership act, FSET (Food Stamp employment and training program), or the regional workforce board and coalition contract.


That’s it. There you have it. All you need to know about in order to get food stamps if you are a college student.  I hope you can share this to as many as people as possible in any school of higher education. They deserve the right to know.










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