Different types of Medicaid in Florida part#2

Please read part 1 if you have not read it. https://thefoodstampguy.com/2018/03/18/how-an-adult-can-get-medicaid-in-florida-part-1/

If you have, this is part 2

This is the continuation of part #1

  • MO Y: Individuals from age 19 to 21
  • MR R: Rap Medicaid( Cuban or Haitian Medicaid with parole)
  • MT A: Protected Medicaid for widows
  • MU: Emergency pregnancy Medicaid
  • MW A: Home and community-based services ( Waiver Programs)
  • NA R: Medically Needy
  • NM P: Medically Needy for a pregnant woman
  • NO Y: Medically Needy for individual 19-21.
  • NL A: Medically Needy Emergency assistance for a Noncitizen

There are countless others that exist. But the majority of them would not apply to many individuals and it is beyond the scope of this article. If you truly would like a list of the other types of Medicaid, then you can subscribe to our website and our staff will gladly send you an official list. If there are any other things you would like to know about. Please feel free to subscribe and write us.

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